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Atsumi Murao
November 2nd, 2006

Men and Women Use Different Brain Areas to Achieve similar IQ results
In the article, “Men and women use different brain areas to achieve similar IQ results,” it claims that a University of California Irvine (UCI) study discovered men and women’s intelligence are found in different in brain areas. First, the study explains that women and men have different mental skills. According to Richard Haier, professor of psychology, similarly intelligent action designs two different types of brains and it produces human progress. Next, men and women have various size of gray and white matter. Moreover, Rex Jung, a University of New Mexico, discusses why men are better at “local processing” than women and why women are better at combining and absorbing information than men. Finally, the study confirmed intelligence’s locale differences. Based on researchers, women can do more damage to cognitive performance than men if they injure frontal brain. In conclusion, according to this article, it says that researchers helped each other to understand the related brain issues in this study.

University of California, Irvine; Men and women use different brain areas to
achieve similar IQ results. (2005, February 13). Health Insurrance Law
Weekly. Retrieved October 24, 2006, from LexisNexis database.

Atsumi Murao
November 14,2006

Let’s study English!

What are the main points that made you decide your field of study? Perhaps it relates to your interests and dreams. My major is English and it deals with my past. There are several reasons why I chose my field of study: English is my favorite subject, it will help me reach my dream, and it is necessary for everyone in the world today.
First, I like to learn English because when I was an elementary school student, going to the English class was popular, and I went to an English class nearby my house for two years. The teacher was so kind and funny, so I enjoyed the class very much. Hence, I had interest in English. In addition, I was strong on English when I was a junior high school and a high school student. Studying English is not stressful for me. These things made me have more interest in English.
Next, I have a dream, and my dream needs English. Because I had interest in English, I felt that I wanted to work using English. Then I thought that I would like to have a job at the airport as a ground staff. Especially, I desire to work at the international airport such as Kansai International Airport and Haneda International Airport, where many people, including foreigners, visit. The job will give me a chance and will require me to use English. Therefore, I have to study English a lot.
Finally, English is used everywhere today. English is a common world language that is widely used and known very much. It appears on computer like Internet, television, magazine and so on. For instance, “Music Station” is the title of music television program. Moreover, you can get English newspaper like “New York Times” everywhere. There are no days you don’t see English words. Therefore, many countries have a system in the schools to teach students English. In Japan, English is usually taught after graduating from an elementary school. However, in recent years, government encourages elementary schools to start teach English. Because knowing English is regarded very highly, everyone had better need to learn English.
In conclusion, I determined to study English because I was good at in it, I need it to take my dream job and it is required in the world. I have been studying English for about ten years, but I can’t master it yet. To study abroad seemed to be a shortcut to master English, so I hoped to study abroad and it came true. To master another language is not easy, but now I am in great environment, so I have to study a lot and must do my best. My study abroad will finish next May, so I hope I am able to speak English fluently before I’ll return to my country.

Atsumi Murao
December 5, 2006
Essay 2

Three Kinds of Living Style

Do you live with your family? If you are young, probably you live with your family. There are many people in the world and they have in each living style. Living style shows people’s age, situation and so on. People can be classified into three groups: living with family, living alone and living with roommate.
First group of people are people who live with their family. Most of people are included in this type of living style because, in general, people who grow up find their partner, have children and live together. Therefore, the age of people in this group is young people, middle-aged people and old people. Everyone can be included in this group. I live with my family in Japan: my father, my mother, my older sister, my grandfather and a dog. Most of my friends also live with their family. Honestly speaking, living with family is easy and comfortable for me because my father earns for us and my mother does housework. I do nothing, but I think that I must help them and live my own life in the future.
The next mass of people is people who live alone. Most people in this group are twenty years old and over. They left their house in order to live their own life. Therefore, most of them graduated from school and have a job. I have thought I wanted to live alone. However, if I think about reality, I don’t think I do because living alone is not easy. I have to work for a living and do housework by myself. In addition, I think it is lonely because nobody eats with you and answers when you come home. However, if you live alone, you can get good experience that you can know how to live a life of independence. Moreover, you appreciate your family’s importance and warmth because they help you when you live with them.
The third set of people is people who live with their roommate. The age of most people who are contained in this category is around late teens and early twenties. Probably they are college or university students and live in dormitory. They have to do housework by themselves. Now I live with my roommate in university dormitory. I was surprised when I knew it is common to live in dormitory with roommate for American university students because in Japan, it is rare. Living with roommate has good points and difficulties. If you get along with your roommate, you and your roommate will be good friends, whereas if it is not, you will have difficulties. However, I think living with stranger for a roommate becoming your good experience that make you know how to communicate with people in life.
In conclusion, people live in these three kinds of living styles: living with family, living alone and living with a roommate. Each living style gives you good experiences. Therefore, I think that it is good to experience these three living style. I experienced living with my family and now I experience living with roommate. In the future, I will experience to live alone after I get my job.

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children's laughter-
a weekend father
with sticks in his hair
-ron moss

Writing Optional Assignment

Atsumi Murao
AE2A Writing

New Views on Video Violence

In “New Views on Video Violence” by Dorothy and Jerome Singer, the authors state that watching violence on television has more negative effects on children than reading violent stories. First, a television image can be powerful when the camera uses its technical properties. Second, children tend to watch aggressive programs on television much of time. Third, children start watching violence on television earlier than reading aggressive stories. Next, in reading, parents can change the words when they are telling to their young children. Finally, we can adjust a speed when we are reading. In conclusion, reading violent stories has more positive results on children than watching violence on television. I agree with the author’s opinion that watching violence on television is more harmful for children than reading violent stories.
First, violent images are too realistic. The images will remain the children’s memory and they can’t forget them because the images are shocking. Then, children might dream of the images because they live in children’s mind. When I was a little, sometimes I dreamed about violent and scary scenes because of watching violent shocking images. It occurs not only for children but also for adults, so I occasionally dream of it. So, shocking images such as violence remain our memory and affect us.
Second, recently children often tend to watch television and tend to not read books. It shows that children are more interested in television than books. For example, in school, children talk about television with friends. The reason why children are attracted by television is that watching television is easier to understand than reading books. Television, which includes images and sound, help children to figure out the story. That’s the reason why children are more interested in and are more influenced by television than books.
In conclusion, children are apt to receive worse influence by watching television than reading stories because television has such realistic images that children memorize their mind. In addition, television attracts children because it is easy to understand. Therefore, children are affected in a negative way by watching aggressive programs on television. So, I think that children had better read stories than watching television.

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I introduce this web sitehere.
This web site is Southern Illinois' homepage and there are several pages, for example, local, sports, lifestyles and so on. This time, the article describes a female firefighter and it is written by Nicole Sack on Wednesday, August 16, 2006. Dana MacCrimmon who was Carbondale's first female firefighter died because of her duty. About 75 firefighters and emergency responders attended her funeral and payed their respect to her. She was good person and was loved by everyone...

My opinion
I felt very sad when I read this article. She was only 45 years old. She was a great woman who was brave as a firefighter. I think that losing someone is the hardest and most bitter thing...especially when the person is your family and friends. Also, I was impressed by another firefighters' respect paied to her. They work for people for dear with their pride. I want to pay my respect to her, firefighters and emergency responders, and I think we have to respect them.

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I visited here<\a>.
This web site descibes Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is a famous movie star and politician of California, you know. There are many many of Schwarzenegger's photographs!You can see a lot of his amazing muscular body and movie photos in which he appeared, also you can hear his voice! In addition, this site states about him in detail, so you can know about him very well. This site also connects to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Italian fan club.

My opinion
I'm interested in this web site because Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of my favorite movie stars! He is cool! I think everyone knows and likes him. However, everyone doesn't know about him in detail, like me. Actually I didn't know about him very much when he was a body builder, but I can know about him in detail through this web site. Now he doesn't appear in the movies so I'm sad, however I wish him success with the political movement. I recommend this web site for not only Arnold Schwarzenegger's fan but also everyone! Check this site!

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I visited this site here.
This site discribes about that EU's genger gap still wide open. European women do better in school than men, but get lower pay nad fewer top job. Women have higher education than men, but they can't earn much money and can't do nice jobs. If you visit this site, you can see about share of female managers, gernder pay gap and part time wokers with graph.

My opinion
When I visited this site, I was purprised at these topic because I don't know about EU's gernder gap is still wide open. I think that it is unequal for women. However, actually in Japan, gernder gap is still exist. In japan, also women can't get much money or do good jobs. Therefore, we shold reform these unfair terms.

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Weblog Assignment#2

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Japanese folk tale "Momotarou"

Long long ago, an old man and old woman lived. An old man went to the mountain to cut grass and an old woman went to the liver to washing. When an old woman was washing, a big peach was flowing so she took and cut it. Then, a boy baby appeared inside the peach, so an old man and an old woman named him Momo(peach)tarou. The boy, Momotarou, has grown into a strong boy. One day, Momotarou said, “I will go demon’s island and get rid of bad demons.” An old woman gave him kibidango (Japanese cake) and he left his home. On his way, he met a dog, a monkey and pheasant. He gave them his kibidango and they joined with Momotarou. They reached demon’s island and knocked damons down. They took away demon’s treasure. An old man and on old woman were glad that Momotarou came back safely. Finally, Momotarou, an old man and on old woman lived happily.